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Rit Dye® is a trusted product family that includes 26 colors and 7 laundry additives. Rit® is widely used to dye and revitalize fabrics. Rit® has a loyal following in the world of arts and crafts plus a growing following in the world of fashion. Learn more >   SunGuard® is a unique laundry aid that washes ultraviolet sun protection right into your clothes. Its active ingredient helps keep more than 96% of the sun's harmful rays from reaching your skin. SunGuard® has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation. Learn more >
Fab® more than satisfies your daily laundry needs. With no fuss, Fab® effectively cleans your whole wash—leaving whites dazzling, colors vibrant, and a fresh fragrance on dry laundry.
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  Niagara® Spray Starch. No matter what type of fabric you're ironing, Niagara® has a product that provides a long-lasting, professional finish. Clothes are crisp, creases are sharp, and fabric looks and feels refreshed. Plus, our new non-aerosol products are friendlier to the environment. Learn more >
Dynamo® delivers forceful stain-removing power, but is still gentle on clothes. Its dynamic formula cleans clothes with efficiency, while imparting a subtle yet fresh scent.
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Final Touch® Fabric Softener. Whether you add Final Touch® liquid to your wash or sheets to your dryer, your clothes emerge fluffy, soft and fragrant. Choose from Spring Fresh or Lavender scents. Learn more >

Ajax® provides superior performance for smart, budget-conscious shoppers. Whatever dirt and grease find their way onto your family's clothes—when Ajax® cleans, they're cleaned away thoroughly. Learn more >      

Arctic Power® is a heavy-duty laundry detergent designed to remove even stubborn stains. The traditional cold-water formula saves energy and money by lowering your heating bills. New all-temperature formulas offer the same performance at any temperature. Learn more >

delivers tough dirt- and stain-fighting power, while helping whites remain brilliant and colors stay true. All at a truly money-saving price. Learn more >