Used by millions for their daily laundry needs, Fab® effectively cleans the whole wash--leaving whites sparkling and colors vibrant. And Fab® leaves a nice, fresh fragrance on dry laundry in your choice of Spring Magic, Rain Forest, and Ocean Breeze scents. Dynamo® delivers mighty cleaning power, but is still gentle on clothes. Its effective, time-tested formula cleans clothes efficiently while imparting a light, fresh fragrance. Available in your choice of Sunrise Fresh, Waterfall Fresh, and new Free and Clear formula--completely free of dyes, perfumes, and enzymes for the benefit of sensitive skin.
Spring Magic 2X
  Sunrise Fresh 2x  
No matter how dirty your clothes get and what dirt and grease your family gets into--when Ajax® cleans, it cleans thoroughly. Dependable Ajax® provides superior performance for smart, budget-conscious shoppers. Original Final Touch® is the traditional choice in homes across the country. New Final Touch® Ultra formula offers the same great performance in smaller, more efficient doses--using less product to soften more loads. Whether you add Final Touch® liquid to your wash or solid sheets to your dryer, your clothes emerge smooth, soft and fragrant. Choose from Spring Fresh or Lavender scents.
Original 2x
  Spring Fresh  
  Niagara® Spray Starch, a leading brand in home fabric care, includes starch and non-starch ironing aids. No matter what type of fabric you're ironing, Niagara® has a product that provides a long-lasting, professional finish. Clothes are crisp, creases are sharp, fabrics look and feel refreshed--and you look and feel confident. Plus, our new, non-aerosol products are friendlier to the environment.
  Original Non-Aerosol Wrinkle Releaser